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Rip Curl Gives Tom Curren a Whole Store of Surf Gear

By admin

Who doesn’t love free surf gear? We all know sponsors love to give free stuff to their athletes. Shoes, clothes, all sorts of gear… It’s just part of the deal. But you don’t usually see an athlete get as much love as surfing legend Tom Curren just got from longtime sponsor Rip Curl. Curren has gotten his own Rip Curl store (it’s called Tom Curren’s Rip Curl) on the busy, popular shopping area State Street in Santa Barbara.

“I was first sponsored by Rip Curl when I was 15, that was back in 1979 here in Santa Barbra at the Channel Island store. I was super pumped, Claw had come up to meet me, it’s just one of those times in your life you always remember. Something special kind of like here at this store today,” Curren said at the store opening last week.

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It’s about time Rip Curl start to pay back Curren for all that he has done. Now if Al Merrick gives hime 1,000 boards and OP dedicates $10,000 pairs of shorts we will all be even with Curren.

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