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Outreach Videos

Outreach ministries expand globally, regionally and yes in the water.  Surfing is one of the best way to reach out and connect with people that need God’s love.  We have featured a few surfing outreach videos from these truly remarkable surfers, Bryan Jennings, Skip Frye, Tom Curren,  Jon Foreman, Tim Foreman, Chad Butler, the Switch Foot crew and Matt Beacham.

Featured Outreach Surf Videos:

Walking on Water Movie Trailer

When Bryan Jennings (Founder/Director of Walking On Water) was fourteen years old he was taken on his first surf trip by a local professional surfer. This trip had a lasting effect on his life. In Walking On Water Bryan returns the favor as he takes Tyler and Luke literally around the world in hopes that they too will forever be changed. Along the way they meet up with three-time world champion surfer Tom Curren, teen shark attack survivor Bethany Hamilton, top professional surfers C.J. and Damien Hobgood, and many others. From the makers of The Outsiders and Noahs Arc comes a story about finding faith on the journey of a lifetime.


Skip Frye Gives it to God!


Switchfoot Bro-Am 2008 “This Is Home”

Switchfoot Bro Am 2008 in Encinitas, California. This is Home.

More Switchfoot’s Jon Foreman at Bro-Am 2008

Switchfoot 2007 Bro-Am Wrap Up

This year’s event benefits Care House, a San Diego-based nonprofit organization that assists needy children throughout the county, offering comfort and hope for brighter days ahead.
Featuring Appearances & Performances by Surfers & Musicians including:  Tom Curren, Timmy Curran, Jon Foreman, The Jade Shader, Escalera (featuring Danny Way and Bob Burnquist), Reeve Oliver, This Holiday Life, Alex Woodard, Sean and Sara Watkins, Years Around The Sun, Ryan Ferguson, and riders representing Switchfoot, Lower Case People, Surfing Magazine, Transworld Surf, Surfer Magazine, Hurley, 91X, Jedidiah, AKA, INT Surfboards, Jet Pilot, Sun Diego, Dental Specialty Associates, Surfride, Volcom, Rusty Del Mar, and Macbeth.

Matt Beacham: Surfing Closer to God

Pro-Surfer Matt Beacham ran from God until he had a near brush with death that changed his attitude. The Fuse TV host and this professional surfer tells his inspiring testimony to CBN.   

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