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Tom Curren Surf Videos

Enjoy watching Tom Curren surfing. This legendary surfer from Santa Barbara promotes style, soul and Jesus Christ. 

Tom Curren Surfing Backdoor, Pipe and Sunset Beach

Have fun watching Tom Curren surfing various spots in Hawaii, including HUGE 2nd reef Pipe and back-door and Sunset Beach on a classic 8′6″ single fin.



Tom Curren Surfing Sandspit Santa Barbara

Tom Curren along with brother joe surfing sandspit, grabbing the best waves the morning has to offer. 

Tom Curren absolutely ripping good waves at Sandspit. Check out the master, Tom Curren at Sandspit, Big Wednesday 2005. This was filmed and edited by Morgan Maassen at bogus media.  


Rip Curl Features Surfing Legend, Tom Curren



Tom Curren Surfing Todos Santos-1984

Watch Tom Curren surf Todos Santos in 1984.  Curren surfs Killers long years before it became known as the big wave epic center.  It was the first time anyone had seen him do the double pump bottom turn on film.



Tom Curren vs Occy 1986 Rip Curl Bells Beach Classic

Tom Curren vs Mark Occhilupo in what might be the greatest man-on-man surfing heat of all time. At that moment, it was the best regular foot, against the best goofy foot, both completely going off. 

Tom Curren vs Tom Carroll-The 1986 Stubbies Pro final

Another classic surf contest sponsored from the original “tight short” manufacturer, Stubbies.  This classic 80’s contest featured Tom Curren vs Tom Carroll in the 1986 Stubbies Pro final at Oceanside, California.


Tom Curren vs Cheyne Horan-1984 Final

Tom Curren vs Cheyne Horan during the 1984 final. I love how they spelled Curren’s name with an “A”. Also what I remember is after the heat was over, Horan caught the biggest right-hand wave of the heat and popped a huge air on that “starfin” single fin surfboard he was riding. Nobody had ever seen anyone do anything close to that.  The place went nuts, even though we all knew it wouldn’t count. 


LACANAU PRO 1990 Tom Curren Vs. Kelly Slater

Tom Curren & Kelly Slater surf well at the Lacanau Pro in France.


Tom Curren -- Trials to Title

Like all sports, surfing has always had its heroes. But while many come and go, true heroes are never forgotten. Their legends only grow. In the world of surfing, no surfer proves this point better than California’s classic son, Tom Curren, while TC came to power in the mid 80’s with back to back world titles, he became a legend in 1990. After a three year hiatus he reappeared and started from scratch, dominating the world of pro surfing in a way that will never be repeated.

It’s hard to pinpoint why Curren’s legacy outweighs even his three incredible titles. Kelley Slater has long since passed him and others like Andy Irons have matched it. Maybe it’s the fact that Curren won all his titles in front of huge crowds instead of on remote reefs. Perhaps it’s his reluctant hero appeal that adds to his mystique. Or maybe it’s the fact that to this day he still holds the record for mour tour victories over any other surfer… Even Slater

Rip Curl Features Surfing Legend Tom Curren

Watch the style master and appreciate the lines that Tom Curren draws on each turn whenever he surfs. 


Rip Curl Features Tommy Curren at “The Search” Lofoten Island

Rip Curl gives you the teaser for the upcomming new movie “The Search”from Lofoten Island in Norway.


Tom Curren at Bawa, Sumatra

Sonny Miller films Tom Curren at Bawa Sumatra. I just recently surfed this spot at not quite as big, but it was still very heavy for me. The wave is close to a severely deep canyon. it goes to thousands of feet deep a couple miles away i believe. the wave has TONS of power. I had my worst hold down of my life there. A guy on our boat wasn’t a great surfer -- and he almost died he said -- came back to the boat crying -- thankful to be alive.

See Tom Curren handle this heavy wave like its nothing is just freakin incredible. Pictures from Sonny Miller trip.

LostTV Features the Tom Curren Clip from 5′5 x 19 ¼ Video
Tom Curren’s memorable section surfing on a fish in the classic Lost video, 5′5 x 19 14. Curren shapes his own board then rips the shit out of it on the Gold Coast. Once again, Tom Curren proves again that you don’t have to ride a 6′1 squash tail to rip.  Lost admits that Tom’s never ridden …Lost boards or even heard of them for all they know but he’s the gnarliest surfer ever….

So watch closely kids, team riders, pros and joes -- this is surfing. Psychedelic footage shot by Mark Thompson (father of Daniel the fish kid) at George Greenough’s Compound. Song by some guy named Epperly -- never seen nor heard from him again and nothing on the world wide web about him either. 5′5 x 19 1/4 was never released on DVD. Lost was and is waiting for 5′5 Redux to come out to re-release it.







Vote Tom Curren for President

Enjoy the classic campaign that promoted surf legend, Tom Curren for President.  Surf video brought to you from the creative minds at the ‘The Realm.’


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